Mic / speaker adaptor for JINGTONG 

  • Special Plug Exchange
  • 2.5mm plug to 2.5mm jack.
  • EASY to USE
  • Can use Motorola Talkabout 2.5mm audio accessories exchange ,Fit for JINGTONG Radio.Low cost for choose more option.
  • More aftermarket audio option for Motorola talkabout .But not supply for Jingtong.
  • This item for Jingtong radio can use Motorola 2.5mm plug audio option

Adaptor for fit for :
Jingtong : JT208 JT308 JT-2118 JT-3118
Kington : TG-208 TG-308 TG-2118 TG-3118
Kungsung : KG-2118 KG-3118
Quansheng : TG-5A


1 x 8008 Mic/sp exchange adaptor for JT-308 JT-208 TG-5A

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