The ear hanger is horizontally and vertically adjustable to make it just fit for your ear. This is a perfect companion to your radio for any outdoor duty moving from place to place.


  • Ear hanger headset for two-way radio;
  • Ear hanger vertically and horizontally adjustable;
  • With PTT button and clip;
  • Single wire design;
  • Length: 2.5 ft / 76 cm from plug to PTT button and 1 ft / 30 cm from PTT button to earphone;
  • Weight: 25g.


Selling Point

1. Fits either left or right ear
2. Push-to-Talk switch (PTT) on the side of the microphone.
3. Soft ear-hanger that fits comfortably and holds itself in place during strenuous outdoor activity.
4. Economical and universal, suitable for police and all kinds of security personnel in hotel, conference hall, restaurant and casino, etc.


Size:  Ø15mm
Impedance :  32O ±15%
Frequency Response:  200Hz-3.5KHz
Rated Power:  4mW
Max input Pwr:  10mW
Size:  38X14(mm)
Sensitivity :  103dB±3dB
Directivity:  Omni-Directional
Frequency:  100Hz – 10KHZ
Impedance :  2.2KΩ
Color:  Black


Compatible Radio Models:



1 x D ring Ear Loop Earpiece with PTT

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