6 Pin Microphone Mic For Yaesu FT-2800M FT-1802 FT-2800 FT-1500 FT-1807

When using Walkie-talkie in the car, drivers often talkback when driving (one hand put on the Steering wheel, the second hand take the microphone), which is rather dangerous in a car traveling at high speed and shift the way. Because of this situation, please use hands-free microphone.
Hands-free microphone’s head is fixed on the top of the driver’s seat, and it uses the directional microphone bile (MIC) , which makes call clear and effective around 30cm range.
Hands-free microphone’s control switch is generally fixed on the shift rod, when grasping gear lever, you can tap the switch to call, and this can smoothly shift to ensure peace

For Yaesu Vertex FT-1802 FT-2800 FT-1500 FT-1807 Y2800


Compatible Models: 
FT-7800R/E FT-8800R/E FT-8900R/E FT-1900R/E FT-2800M FT-2900R/E FT-7900R/E FT-1802M FT-1807M
* FT-1500 FT-1500M FT-1802 FT-1802M FT-1807 FT-1807M * FT-1900R FT-1900E FT-1900 FT-2600 FT-2800 FT-2800M
* FT-2900R FT-2900E FT-2900 FT-3000 * FT-7100 FT-7100M FT-7800 FT-7800R FT-7800E
* FT-8100 FT-8100M FT-8500 FT-8500M FT-8800R FT-8800E FT-8800 * FT-8900R FT-8900E FT-8900 .

Package Includes: 
1 X 6-core Crystal Head Hands-free microphone for Yaesu
1 X microphone
1 X 5 Plastic cable ties

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